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Welcome to ClickReviewer

Here we review online products and services. Things that you can buy online, but can’t physically hold it in your hand, are the products we review. Software, VPN services, hosting services, streaming services and online training courses are just a few areas we put focus towards in bring you trusted and professional reviews.

Our reviews are built on a foundation of three principles most important to average consumer:


How much is it? And what makes it worth what you pay for it?


Does it offer functionality and perform as expected, exceed expectations, or fall short of the mark?


What does the average consumer say about it? Are they happy with their experience overall?

Areas of Focus


Online Service Reviews

Online service reviews such as VPNs, Hosting Services, Streaming Services and Subscription Services


Downloadable Software Reviews

Downloadable software reviews in areas such as Anti-virus & security, video editing software reviews, photo editing software reviews, & other application reviews.


Online Educational Course Reviews

Online training courses are everywhere. We review our favorites within several categories.